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Episode 1 Recap

Naomi Bowman is a 17-year old student at Melville High School in the outskirts of Arcadia, a sprawling city ruled by the almighty A.D corporation. Shortly after her parents have taken off on a business trip to Africa, she gets under suspicion of being involved in the murder of Dr. Park, a former A.D science committee member, since a teenaged girl described to look like Naomi was seen leaving Park's lab shortly after the murder had been committed. While attending a shareholder meeting at A.D HQ in her father's stead, she witnesses Dr Park's assistant threatening chairman Basil Motes with a gun and demanding a change in A.D's business policies as well as blaming them for Park's murder. Park's assistant is shot and Naomi is questioned by Motes and assistant director Simon Deckard, since she was the only one Park's assistant had held hostage.

Episode 2 Recap

Shortly after being questioned by Motes and Deckard, Naomi wakes up at the murder site in Park's secret Arcadia lab, where a black marble, one of Park's inventions, interacts and bonds with her as A.D classifies her as a potential threat. However, much to director Motes' amazement, Naomi uses the powers given to her by the black marble to defeat the robot which was sent by A.D to subdue her. Motes talks Naomi into a deal, offering A.D's highly advanced medical help for her cooperation.

Episode 3 Recap

One of Naomi's classmates and best friend Jack Merchant receives a cryptic message on his computer desktop from someone calling himself "Milo". At school Naomi tells him that a former boyfriend of another classmate of hers, Michelle Isis, was called Milo. Jack urges Naomi to use her ties to A.D to investigate, but instead, Naomi is ordered to assist A.D in communicating with a life-form stored in one of Melville's nuclear reactors. Naomi manages to establish a mental link, but the creature's message overwhelms her and she leaves for home to rest. However, thanks to Naomi's actions assistant director Deckard has managed to retrieve information about the creature and delivers it to director Motes.

Episode 4 Recap

Spending a day at home to relax, Naomi sends Jack to A.D HQ in her stead to fetch her test results. There he meets Michelle, whose ex-boyfriend Milo seems to have been somehow involved in the incident at the Melville reactor. After some awkward attempts Jack finally manages to ask Michelle about Milo's whereabouts, while A.D's scientists use the info retrieved by assistant director Deckard in ep. 3 to further the project which had begun at the fusion reactor.

Episode 5 Recap

A.D section 1's director Basil Motes visits his superior Alexander Selkirk at an orbiting satellite, where he reports the success of the so-called Golem Project (the combination of a mass of plasma simulating mental properties and a robotic creature powered by the plasma's fusion process) to a mysterious talking ape. Meanwhile, Motes' assistant Deckard deploys the Golem's prototype on A.D's parking lot in Arcadia to go after Friedrich Ludwig, an ex-employee threatening to sue A.D for misusing one of his inventions. On his way to the lab where he intends to monitor the Golem's actions Deckard meets Amber Bernstein, who tells him she used to be working as a veterinarian at A.D, tending to the aforementioned ape when he first arrived at A.D HQ. When the ape broke free of his cage he snapped Bernstein's spine, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She uses the unsuspecting Deckard to gain access to one of A.D's genetic databases, forcing him with a gun to erase the ape's DNA, so A.D would stop tampering with it. Meanwhile, Naomi is called by the mysterious creature she communicated with at Melville's reactor (who is now trapped within the Golem). She smashes the Golem, freeing the plasma creature, who flies off into the sun, damaging the satellite and killing the ape. When Jack returns to Naomi's home with her test results, he finds her lying unconsciously on the floor...

Episode 6 Recap

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